Cosmo the Crazy Cat

My cat is crazy. His name is Cosmo, he’s siamese and cross-eyed, and full-on deranged. He will be docile and content, allowing you to pet him one moment and biting, swatting, and running away the next. Without warning he turns on you, so my children never try to pick him up or get very close to him. It has to be Cosmo’s idea to be affectionate or it won’t end well. We love that crazy cat, but we often long for other cats we have had in the past who snuggled, purred, and showed genuine affection. No matter how much we wish Cosmo were different, he isn’t.

What does my crazy cat have to do with Real Estate in Artesia? Not much really. But you can draw a comparison in this sense: Both my cat and the market for housing here are fickle, unpredictable, and no matter how much we wish they were something else, they are not. The market for property in Artesia is not what it was three or five years ago. It never will be. It may get very active in the future, and we may see prices rise again to new heights, but that will be a new market with new forces driving it. It may bear similarities to old markets, but it will never be just like them.

Markets ebb and flow, and very few have the talent and skill to time them Most who try to time any type of market lose. If you’re considering purchasing or selling real estate, but have been trying to figure out what the market is going to do, that’s very difficult. Real Estate Professionals work in that market day in and day out. We have the resources available to us to extract data from our particular market segment and make an educated estimate of which direction the wind is sweeping. There’s almost no way of knowing with complete certainty what is in store in a dynamic and fluid market-place like real estate. The best way to wade in is side-by-side with a professional who knows as much as can be known about the arena you are entering.

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