Christmas Reflections

Good day blog readers (all 5 of you). Craziest time of year, and I’m running around like a headless chicken. I haven’t had much time to think about this week’s blog post or what topic I want to cover. Christmas is in full swing at the Takacs household, so my mind is elsewhere.

Every family has traditions at Christmas and we have ours. Friends came over for Posole last night. We will be taking the boat ride for “Christmas on the Pecos” tonight in Carlsbad. On Christmas eve we open one gift each – new pajamas to wear in the morning while opening presents. We read the nativity story from the Gospel of Luke before going to bed.

Whatever your family does, I wish you the very merriest Christmas. My hope for the new year is that it will be filled with triumphs and joy. It is so easy to become jaded by the crass commercialism of Christmas, but I fight hard to keep it sacred in my heart. The faces of my children on Christmas morning and the sound of a house full of family are all I need to keep my love of Christmas alive. Focusing on what I have instead of what I want, is my resolution for 2011. Serving my community as a Realtor who is passionate about the dream of home ownership is another.

Please keep in mind why we celebrate Christmas this year, and realize how truly blessed you are. Just to live here, now makes us rich by world standards. In 2011 great things are going to happen. Be a part of them.

Artesia will still have houses to sell and families needing to buy homes. Commercial properties will change hands and new companies will move in. Real Estate is an ever changing and exciting market. I feel truly blessed to be a part of it. Thinking about 2011 gets my adrenaline flowing and I can’t wait. But lets just take a few days to enjoy what we have been given already. Merry Christmas everyone.

Scott Takacs

All Real Estate

All the Time (Except Christmas)


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