Goals, not Resolutions.

2010 is over.  I have been reflecting on what I learned in 2010.  There were tough times over the last year, not just for me.  Many things have been changing here in Artesia, and sometimes it’s hard to get your equilibrium.   Something of a paradigm shift is occurring in business, in demographics, in tradition, and of course, in Real Estate.  I remain, as ever, optimistic, about the future of our fair city and look forward to what it will bring.  And yet, I know we must be prepared in case our hopes and dreams do not unfold as we envision.   So, I am setting goals for 2011 and would like to share some of them with you.

In 2011 one of my goals is to set goals.  Real, obtainable, but hard to reach goals.   Like many people, I have always had goals in my mind, but have never really written down, or printed out, or charted the goals I am trying to achieve.  So let 2011 be the year in which I set, publish, and reach definable goals that bring me closer to being the man, husband, father, and Realtor I hope to be.  There has been much study and evidence produced concerning the effectiveness of setting and writing out your goals.   Just the very simple step of getting your goals on paper is proven to be powerful and effective toward reaching said goals.  So I will be a “Goal-writer-downer” in 2011 and will know the joy and satisfaction of checking off met goals.

2011 will also be a year of reading.  I love to read, but have been in a bit of a reading slump in 2010.  I have read some outstanding books during the year, but not as many as I usually do.  So in the new year, my goal is to read much more and to vary between subjects and genres.  Sometimes, I get locked into a certain subject, or style and linger there too long, missing other great works that would benefit me.  Reading in 2011 will be fun, it will be an escape, it will be productive, informative, and challenging.  It will be uplifting and often it will be saddening.  In order for reading books to be all of those things, I will need variety and depth, and I will have to slog through difficult subject matter and uncomfortable recollections of both the author and myself.  In order to be closer to the person I want to be, reading necessarily must be a cornerstone of the edifice I am building.

Drumming has been a part of my life since I was 15 years old.  I played in bands in high school and college, but sold my equipment and turned to more grown-up pursuits.  In my 30’s I decided to start playing again, so I’ve been at it again now for several years and play in church and with a group of guys once a week.  One of my goals in 2011 is become a better drummer; to improve technique and creativity and meter.  Ask any musician and they will tell you they need new equipment.  I too need new equipment, so I will work hard to have the resources to buy the new equipment I need. Like golf, the equipment does not make the player rather the reverse is true.  New stuff is the envy of every drummer, but I can improve with or without it, and will work to make it so.

I have many other goals, but many of them are personal and would bore you or make you uncomfortable.   My faith and family are paramount, and I continue to work on goals associated with them.  Many of you have nebulous, abstract ideas of things you hope to achieve in the coming year.  My prayer is that they become solid, defined goals and that you hit every one of them.  As always, one goal of mine is to be the Realtor of choice in the Artesia market.  You can help me with that one.

Happy New Year.



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