New Year, Same High Hopes.

First Blog of the New Year. So much to say, and so little attention span to fill. Many positive thoughts and feelings about the state of Artesia Real Estate are swirling around my head, but I have to organize them into coherent thoughts for the purposes of this post. So here it goes – a new and prosperous year of blogging and Real Estate.

Artesia has an unusual market. It has been so ever since I moved here in 1993. While the rest of the country has endured recessions, burst bubbles, housing crashes, and other calamities, Artesia seemed to remain unaffected by them. We have seen our own housing pull-back in the last year, but not to the extent of other areas of the country. Housing prices here have held their own in the face of huge losses in home values around the country. Some of that is no doubt attributable to the fact that we are a petroleum community by and large. That can be very comforting, but it also makes me a little nervous. My hope for the future of Artesia and surrounding areas is diversification. I would love to see our community plan for the next economy, which may not include oil and natural gas as a key component. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not anti-oil nor a green crusader. I just see the day looming when our economy, as a whole, will rely less on these resources than we have in over a hundred years, and would love to be proactive in planning for the next emanation of economic growth. There is so much we have to offer in our city, but if economic opportunities for families dry up, then all the work of the last 100+ years will be for naught.

Artesia needs to look calmly and clearly at what the next 10, 25, 50 years hold in store. We have the necessary tools in place – educational infrastructure, colleges nearby, abundant land, healthcare, housing. What we lack right now is stark foresight and planning for different eventualities. Where are our young families going to find work? Will there be reasons for our young people to return after college or to stay after high school? What industries and opportunities will replace the stalwarts we are accustomed to should they leave or fade out? These are not pleasant thoughts, but someone has to start thinking them – and turning thoughts into action.

This is totally selfish thinking on my part – I freely admit that. I want to sell houses and provide for my family. I want my children to be able to live here as adults if they choose that path. I want our city to be the jewel of the Pecos Valley, but it takes development and revenue for that. Believe me, you will benefit too. So let’s get going. Call me if I can help you in any way.

Scott Takacs

All Real Estate

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