Ode to Spring

Spring is almost here in Artesia. Some people say that sentence with giddy delight, but I am always a little hesitant with my joy for Spring. I like the idea of warming temperatures and green grass, but I know the Spring here also means wind and dust and will be quickly followed by searing heat. Still, Artesia seems to really come alive when its sunny and warm. People are out walking and doing more, and everything seems to have new energy and life. Another weird phenomenon of Spring here is that the housing market actually gets more active and the number of sellers and buyers increase.

In the spirit of Spring, please allow me to share some thoughts about Real Estate in the Pecos Valley. First, for sellers, if you’ve been considering selling your home, but are trying to time the market, don’t. The best time to sell your house is now. Prices have softened and it’s true that your home’s value may be down from it’s once lofty peak, but timing any market is witchcraft and not for the fain of heart. The inventory of homes available on the market right now is at its lowest point since the housing crisis began. What this translates to for sellers is that you have a commodity which is in demand and less supply means less time on the market and stable pricing. Spring also welcomes another boon to housing sales – people get out and look at houses when it’s warm. Open houses, Brokers Opens, walking tours, and even old-fashioned Realtor showings of houses increase dramatically in the warm weather. I personally love to use all of these to increase visibility and buzz around my listings. This is the time of year when my juices get flowing to get creative and fresh with marketing real estate in Artesia.

For buyers, it’s the right time. It sounds like a canned sale presentation, I know. “What will it take to get you into this house today?” No matter how cliché it sounds, its true. Property prices in Artesia are the lowest they have been in 10 years. No joke. Interest rates on loans are historically low – we may never see them this low again. It is harder to get a mortgage, but banks are beginning to realize maybe they’ve priced themselves out of much of the market in home loans with their unrealistic requirements for borrowers. If you want to buy a home, but think you can’t qualify for a mortgage, we need to talk. I have options for you and there are programs available to help John Q. Public get financed. I can put you in touch with some very good people who will give you answers and a plan if you can’t qualify right now.

Conclusion: It’s warming up. I sell houses. You have one to sell or need to buy one. It’s the right time for both. I market my listings in new and innovative ways, and bring energy and passion to the table. Give me a try and see if the experience of a Real Estate transaction can be tolerable – even, dare I say, fun? I know it can be. Let’s do this.

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