Duh, Winning!

The phrase “duh, winning!” was uttered famously recently, and will forever be etched into the American lexicon. We are all marveling at the very public and televised downward spiral of the author of the phrase. The irony is not lost on the public that he is clearly not winning anything. It’s a sad spectacle, but it highlighted a couple truths about American society that I find hard to embrace. We love to watch people fail, and we love to root for those who do to rise again.

Charlie Sheen may have irreparably damaged his career and image, but I doubt it. He’ll be back at some point making movies or TV shows again, and this episode will be a footnote on his bio. Americans are first-class train wreck watchers. There is something that satisfies the American psyche to watch others fall, and the bigger the fall, the more we like it. Take, for example, the housing crisis. We have watched unprecedented foreclosure rates over the past few years, and some of the most affluent areas have been hit the hardest – Florida, California, Las Vegas. I must admit, I feel a certain twinge of self-righteousness when I see stories about luxury homes in those areas going up for auction for pennies on the dollar. It’s as if I have handled my financial house expertly and those who were foolish with theirs, are now in trouble. It’s a comforting thought. It is hard to admit, but we revel in this sort of public destruction.

The other part of our collective soul, and the better angel of our nature, is our capacity to forgive and then glory in the rising of the once dead. It’s time we start doing this with our housing and real estate markets too. We have all watched with hidden glee, but now its time to get our Real Estate “house” in order. There are properties that deserve to be occupied and loved. We can’t just keep sprawling outward while the interior of cities and towns wither and die. It helps us all if the older parts and hard hit areas are targeted for renewal instead of abandonment.

Are we as a community, city, state or nation, – winning? I want to believe we are on the upswing, but some of the signs are hard to read. Owning property is still one of our basic rights, and one of the most protected. It is not out of fashion to buy a home, or a piece of commercial property, but we have to wise as serpents. Wandering into Real Estate transactions is no longer an option. Experts are available to guide you into and through the process. I am one such professional.

Let’s root for the little guy again to return to the top of the heap. To own a home or business. To change their economic future with hard work and wise stewardship. To fulfill the American dream and put our economy on solid footing again. I can help.

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