Easter Rising

Easter is a pretty cool holiday. As a kid, I thought it was just another reason to get candy and occasionally we went to church. Now as as an adult, with a very different world-view and, having had my own resurrection of sorts, I appreciate Easter on a much deeper level. Without Easter, Christmas is just another day on the calendar. So I am thankful, humbled, and excited for the weekend. My hope is that you will have those you love close about you and experience the holiday joyfully.

Many around the world and, indeed in our own community, will not experience this holy weekend the way you and I will. Many will be hungry. Many will be fearful. Many will be fighting for freedom and life bereft of tyranny. Many will struggle from sunup to sundown to merely survive another day and find shelter for the night. I think it’s important we remain mindful of these things as we put on our new ties and dresses and eat a baked ham after church. My intention is not make anybody feel guilty for what we have. My only hope is that we remain thankful, and vigilant. Thankful because what we have we have been given. Vigilant because what we have is in jeopardy of slipping away. Our comfortable, luxurious, even gluttonous way of life that allows us to focus on family and friends instead of survival, is being threatened and we need to be wise to preserve it.

There are many threats to our society and it’s many privileges, and sadly, most of them are from right here inside our own nation. It’s harder than ever to do business, to hire workers, to innovate, to compete, to claim a piece of the American Dream. Our priorities became so severely deranged, that we mortgaged our future to build an America that the founders never envisioned. It’s time we stripped everything bare and started over. It will be hard, and unpleasant, and everyone will be affected. We have no choice.

Still, it’s Easter and it represents hope and renewal and possibility. I hope yours is blessed. Enjoy it, then let’s get to work putting things right. We all have a part to play and a voice. Use it.

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One response to “Easter Rising

  1. True, true. I find myself becoming more and more disillusioned with stuff. So I am less and less fond of Easter Egg hunts etc. Seems like it some make it like the way Christmas used to be. Of course maybe I am just jaded since we can’t eat most commercial candy if we want to stay artificial color/flavor free. ; ) Great post Scott.

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