Moms are the Bomb

Something that drives me a little crazy about social media; The fads that blaze through status updates like wildfires. It seems that every so often a cause or craze will spontaneously generate its own status update and then taunt you to re-post as your status – if you have the guts. This week it’s Mothers Day. The status update du jour starts out with “I made some mistakes as a mom…” and ends “if you love your mother you will post this and a pic of your mom.” I love my mom, but I am not going to re-post something a stranger wrote that’s kind of hokey anyway, and a picture of my mother who would be mortified to know her picture was available to half a billion viewers. How about this: If you had a great mom growing up, and you love her – buy her a house. Or better yet, buy yourself a house and move out of hers.

I understand the sentiment behind the pre-packaged status updates about moms, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, and cocker-spaniels. I get it. Family and friends are super important, or should be. I had a great mom growing up and still do. She made mistakes. She has regrets. She wasn’t angelic or superhuman, but she was there and caring and taught me many good things about being a man. She also taught me that building a life of my own was important, and providing for a family was one of the most rewarding efforts in life. I thank her for loving me enough to be tough on me and expect much from me. Happy Mothers Day Mom.

My mom was a single mother for many years and struggled to feed and house and clothe my brother and me at times. She used those tough times to teach us about working hard and striving for more. I look around at our culture today and see an endless ocean of single mothers struggling like my mother did years ago. The bible teaches we should care for widows and orphans. Since men aren’t dying at the rate they did 2,000 years ago, but instead are leaving families at an even more alarming pace, the widows of today are single mothers, and the orphans are their children. I have a soft spot in my soul for these fractured families. I see many of these mothers wanting more and better for their families, but often times society is cruelly indifferent to their peculiar predicament. If they are in poverty, there is help. If they rise just above that arbitrary line, the system casts them into a sort of limbo – neither able to get their slice of the pie nor eligible for special programs for the needy.

My mom never owned a home until long after I had children of my own. I would like to see more “widows and orphans” have the opportunity to share in the privilege of home ownership. I don’t have all the answers as to how to do that, but I do have a blog where I can rail against things I don’t like. I also have access to many programs that are intended to help first-time home buyers and lower income buyers get assistance with home financing. My small contribution to this effort is to know as much as I can about how people who believe they cannot purchase a home can get there. Call me if I can help.

Happy Mothers Day

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