40. It’s the New 25

My kids are finished with school for the year. Man! Where did this year go? I now have a freshman and no longer have a kid in grade school. Just yesterday, I was a solid thirty-something with babies. I woke up this morning a forty-something and my 11 year old daughter says on my way out of the house “text me later Dad. I don’t know what I’ll be doing today.” What the…? Time is flying and there is nothing I can do to slow it down, so I’m going to ride it out. What other choice do we have? That said, I am loving life in my forties. Part of me never believed I would ever be a forty-something, but here I am. There are so many advantages to getting older. Our society tells us that aging is an enemy, but it truly is a gift to be wiser, calmer, and more secure than in our younger, unsettled years.

Time has been flying for Century 21 as a brand as well. Next month, Century 21, the international, award winning, legendary real estate institution turns 40. There will be big celebrations and hubbub surrounding the event at the corporate offices. Each individually owned franchise will no doubt celebrate in their own way. A company turning 40 is cause for celebration. Especially in these times when many of the companions we all have know our whole lifetimes are simply vanishing without so much as a whimper. Century 21 is stronger than ever and expanding into new markets. The other night as I watched one of my favorite shows on HGTV – “House Hunters International” – the episode was about a British woman relocating to Dubai. Her agent in the show was a Century 21 Agent! In Dubai! I was proud knowing I’m part of such a broad and storied firm.

We here in Artesia are doing our part too. Century 21 home Planning will be celebrating the 40th birthday of Century 21 by having 40 open houses in the month of June. Look for our ads in the paper and come by and see the great selection of homes we have listed for sale. It is a great time to buy and our agents are the best when it comes to finding a home. Also, the hit TV show “Cake Boss” will be doing a special show on June 6 to commemorate the 40th birthday of Century 21. Watch it and look for tie-ins to our local office.

As always, I am ready and able to help you achieve your real estate goals, be they your first home or another rental as an investment. My only job is Real Estate and I devote myself fully to that end. Call me if I can help.

All Real Estate. All The Time.


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