Dads Rock

This Sunday is Father’s Day and, since I wrote about how awesome mom’s are the week before Mother’s day, I thought I had better blog about dads today. As I stated before, I love my mom, and I think Moms are the bomb in general. But now that I am a father myself and I see how quickly the time slips away from us, I have a unique respect and admiration for dads. I believe in my heart that fathers are essential to families and their children to grow into competent, productive, and moral adults. Can quality people be produced without a father in the mix – yes, we all know wonderful adults who are who they are despite the absence of a father growing up. The point is that it is not ideal. It’s not the intended design. With my own children, I realize how much I matter in their development and it sometime makes me dizzy to shoulder that weight.

My dad, Marty Takacs, is a great dad. My parents divorced when I was 14, and there were times I wasn’t a big fan of either of my parents, but I always knew my dad made the best effort. He wasn’t perfect. He made mistakes. He often let me get away with more than he should have, but he was available and involved and he loved his sons unconditionally.

My dad served his country in the Army and spent a year in Vietnam. In fact, by the time his tour of duty ended, I was already 4 months old. He left a newlywed and returned a father. While he was in Vietnam, he regularly visited an orphanage in Saigon to play with the kids there – orphans created by the war. I have pictures of many of these children hanging all over my young dad, half a world away from his own growing family. I treasure them.

My dad always donated blood while I was growing up. As often as he could he went to the blood bank wherever we lived, and gave of himself. I remember these selfless things, and I admire that about him. My dad was a giver and I try to live up to his example.

I could go on about the great things he taught me and my brothers. Suffice it to say, I’m proud to carry his name and have never been ashamed to be called his son. I know many people can’t say the same nice things about their fathers or mothers. The only advice I can offer is to be the father or mother you didn’t have. This Father’s day I will give thanks for my father. The opportunity to be a father myself has been one of the great blessings in my life. I’m far from perfect when it comes to being a dad, but the things I do right I learned from a man doing his best despite his own less than ideal childhood.

Happy Father’s day to all the fathers doing their best.

Happy Father’s day Dad. I love you.


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