Baby, It’s Hot Outside

Man it’s hot. I have lived in Artesia now for almost 18 years and I’m still not used to June here. Couple the heat with a devastating drought and you have the perfect storm of stifling. It’s not much fun to be moving about in this kind of heat. When you have to show houses, meet inspectors, get in and out of your car (with the black leather interior), and all the while try to not be sweaty and winded when you meet your customers. Good luck. Here’s the rub being a Realtor in Artesia. This is the time of year when we are most active. Summer is the season for people to get out and see open houses, drive around looking at what’s available, and make appointments to get inside to see their favorites. It’s a tough road to hoe, but I get by.

Seriously, though; it’s a great time in the Pecos Valley to buy or sell real estate. Prices are down if you’re buying and there are great bargains to be had for investors looking for income properties. Buyers are increasing if you’re a seller. This is the buying season. Interest rates are at the lowest they’ve been in a hundred years in real terms, allowing buyers to reach farther for homes than they otherwise could. So, all in all, its a great time for real estatin’. It’s just so dang hot.

Another thing to think about is energy costs. My electricity bill will be outrageous as long as it stays this hot. I dream of a home where I can keep it a frosty 72 degrees all summer, but without cashing out my kids savings bonds to pay for electricity. I represent a builder who builds beautiful, custom, LEED Certified, EPA Indoor Air Quality registered, energy efficient homes that fulfill my dream. And as soon as my kids move out, I am contracting Palo Duro Homes to build one for me. You can have one right now. They carry a 10 year warranty on foundations and go up in 60 days – no lie.

There are options people. Take your mind off the heat and wind. Come see some of our beautiful listings. Get out on a Sunday for some open houses. Check out everything in town that’s for sale at  It will make you feel cooler. It won’t make me feel cooler, but then that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make on your behalf.

All Real Estate. All the Time


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