Brave New World

Technology is amazing. We are living in the time that most of us thought only happened in the sci-fi books and movies of our youth. But it’s here, now. Wireless communication for everyone. Video phone calls. Instant transfer of documents a world away. I’m still waiting for flying cars, but there are cars which park themselves and correct your driving if you’re sleepy or distracted. It an amazing time to be alive. You can hear voices of detractors who say these same technologies are killing something uniquely human about us. That with each advancement we become less man and more machine. I think that’s taking it a bit far, but I understand the fears.

I want to sing the praises of technology today, so please hear me out. Last week an old and dear friend suffered a tragedy in his family. His younger sister, while traveling in Germany, suffered a stroke and is in hospital. The family is heartbroken and scrambling to get to her, but ran into significant obstacles such as passports, communication, and travel expenses. A group of friends from college started emailing and formulating a plan to raise money to help the family travel and defray medical expenses. Within days, through the varied expertise of the group, we had a website, a facebook cause page, and a Paypal account set up to begin raising funds. I shutter to think how differently this whole episode might have played out 20, 30, or 50 years ago. We can’t heal her with our efforts, but we can significantly reduce the stress the family is feeling by handling these things for them. I am here in Artesia, but the collective who, through email and facebook and cell phones, have spearheaded are spread out across the country. Some of us know each other from our NMSU days, but a few I had never met. The whole effort has made me appreciate the world we live in today.

The truth is that technology may have had, and may still develop some negative consequences in our lives. Overall, however; I believe the greater good has been served by our human curiosity and natural quest to innovate. Real Estate has benefited from the techno-boom as well. A home-buyer can practically tour a home without leaving their desk chair or getting out of their pajamas. What a huge advantage that is for buyers and sellers to be able to get so much of the groundwork out of the way over fiber-optic cables. Has it made some sellers, buyers, and even Realtors update their knowledge base or lose out in the new economy? You bet. You can still conduct real estate transactions without the use of the internet and other technologies, but it’s slower and more difficult.


You, however; need not worry about that. I have you covered. (Shameless plug coming…) My focus is integrating old-fashioned hustle with every available advantage technology has to offer. If you’re unsure about how to navigate this brave new world of real estate, I’m your man. Email me. Check out my Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In profiles to see my techie bonafides. I love how easy technology has made things, especially communication. It can be used for good or for evil, but overall I believe in it. Call me and I’ll put my knowledge to work for you.

All Real Estate. All the Time.


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