Forward Thinking

Another school year has begun and my kiddos are nonplussed. Mrs. Takacs is fired up because she has a new job as Principal of Yucca Elementary School, and she is one of those educators who truly loves and lives her passion for children. She has been my example for more than 20 years now, and continues to amaze me with her energy and dedication. Now that my house is empty all day, and I’m not the only one going off each morning, I began to ponder what my passions are and where I would turn my “back to school” energy to in pursuit of dreams. Of course, I love being a Realtor and helping folks with the American Dream. I love to work on big, complicated, commercial projects where buyers don’t know if sellers exist and vice-versa. But overall, I think the thing I get most amped about is seeing the economic engine turning over and producing the currency of life.

Our town is on the verge of seeing some great things come its way. I’m talking about economic development. Many companies and industries would love to come here and join our community. There are many who would welcome the diversification and opportunities this growth represents. There are some who are wary of new industries and how they might change the way of life in Artesia. I can see both points, but I lean toward excitement for the chance to move some of Artesia’s eggs into other baskets. There are some good people working on improving the outlook for Artesia and endeavoring to welcome good, stable, lasting companies and industries to the Pecos Valley. Michael Bunt, the Chamber’s new Director of Economic Develop is one. I currently serve on a committee at his request, and I can tell you he is working very hard to invite the type of smart, planned growth we want. If you have ideas or insights, or connections which may help him in his efforts, call him and offer to help. This is a community effort and we will all be affected by the outcomes.

Another is Tom Dubose, Managing Partner of Trilogy Homes. Tom is trying something radically different with his master-planned community south of Artesia Country Club. While seeing the need for mid-level housing and trying to fill that need, Tom is also one of our greatest Economic Development assets, touting the City of Champions to all of his contacts in the housing and development arena. There is an unprecedented level of interest in alleviating many of the barriers to our growth – housing, rentals, labor force – by investors who had never heard of Artesia before Tom told them about us.

These are positives for our community. I firmly believe we need to plan for growth, and do it wisely. There is much to learn from other cities our size who grew with a plan vs. those who grew without a plan. The differences are remarkable, and I think we can see what happens when there is no planning. Get involved and ask your city councilor what they are doing to plan for the growth that is coming. Go to meetings and learn if our city leaders are helping or hurting. Be a part of the solution. Future generations will thank you. I will thank you.

All Real Estate. All The Time.


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