If All Your Friends Jumped Off a Cliff…

I have lived in small towns for most of my life. I like them. When Mrs. Takacs and I were young and leaving college, we had a choice to make – move to a big city, or move to a small town. We chose Artesia. One thing I have learned is that small town folks, in general, don’t like rapid change. We don’t mind growth, or progress, or even wholesale shifts in industry or culture as long as it’s slow. So I am not surprised that brand new, outside-the-box, housing options are not adopted early by Artesians. One such option is Traditions by Trilogy – Artesia’s first and only master-planned community being developed south of Artesia Country Club along 26th Street. I have the pleasure of being the listing agent for that new project, and I can tell you it’s worth seeing.

It’s not what we’re used to. It smacks of cookie cutter-ism. It’s not individual enough. We just don’t do it thattaway… Those are fair statements from a casual observer, but I’m not a casual observer and I want to set the record straight. Trilogy homes are beautiful, specifically designed by an Architect for Artesia, mid-level houses built in an area that will grow into a welcoming community. Having worked closely with the owner and developer, I know the vision for the development. Over the last 18 years in Artesia, I have seen new streets, new subdivisions, and new areas developed and the reception is cool at first. As soon as we see that somebody has built or bought a home and moved into the area, and amazingly has not burst into flame, we decide it’s okay and the area takes off. This is precisely what will happen at Trilogy. The homes are too nice. They are too well-built and the master-plan is too awesome to lay fallow for long.

Be the trend-setter. Don’t wait for somebody else to jump first. Come take a look. We are open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays 1-5 pm. Stroll through the models that are built (and are for sale) and see the layout of the next phases to be built. Remember, it won’t seem weird a couple years from now when the development is well under way and your friends and family are living in brand new, energy efficient, classically styled homes. Call me for more info. I can arrange private viewings as well, if you prefer that. Visit www.artesianewhomes.com to see more about the project.

All Real Estate. All The Time.


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