How to Sell

Recently, Century 21 bloggers with @c21 Home Matters conducted a nationwide informal survey of Realtors asking for their top suggestions to people considering selling their home. “What should home sellers do first?” was the question asked. They compiled the top 6 ideas and I’m plagiarizing them here. It’s good advice; however, if sometimes hard to hear.

If you are considering selling your home, read these suggestions and take them to heart. This is experience and knowledge and sales-driven motivation talking. This is not the off-hand advice of strangers or family members who tell you your house would sell if only you shaped your evergreens into chess-pieces. We don’t like to be told our houses are cluttered or smelly or dark or shabby looking. But, my job as a Realtor, is to sell your home for the highest price, and in the shortest time possible. Sometimes we have to hurt some feelings to get that done. I know another Realtor would have some things to say about my house if I were listing it right now for sale.

Here are the top 6:

1. Paint the front door

You only have one chance to make a first impression (so the saying goes). With that in mind, ask your sellers to paint the front door so the first thing the potential buyer sees, the door, is in perfect condition.

2. Actually clean your house

Hire professional cleaners to come and make the home sparkle from top to bottom. Encourage the sellers to spend some time decluttering counter tops (especially the kitchen and the bathrooms), cabinets, closets and storage areas to help the space appear larger. If you were selling a car, you would have it detailed and take your stuff out of it, do the same for your house!

3. Get rid of people and animal smells

As potential buyers tour a home, they want to imagine themselves living there, not smell remnants of the wear and tear from the previous owners. Suggest to the sellers that they have the carpets shampooed to remove any dirt, pet odor and/or cigarette smoke.

4. Wash the windows

Ensuring potential buyers have a beautiful, clear, unobstructed view out each and every windows is a must. Shiny, dust-free, streak-free windows make the decision to write an offer a crystal clear one.

5. Up the curb appeal

What do a potential buyers see when they approach the seller’s home? The exterior! Cut the lawn, trim the bushes, plant some nice smelling flowers, power wash the entrance walkway, and lay down some fresh stone or wood chips. If the home’s exterior needs a coat of paint, touch it up.

6. Say cheese! Take great photographs

The seller’s home should be showcased as a merchandised product. In order to sell in today’s highly competitive market, a home has to be shown at its best. Stellar photos allow you to capture greater interest online and through marketing materials.

Good stuff. I agree with all of them. Call me if I can help.

All Real Estate. All The Time.


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