The In-Betweeners

Labor Day weekend.  Three days to do whatever we want, and my family needs a rest.  Mrs. Takacs and I were talking about what to do this weekend.  We were left off the group camping invitations, so we considered the options.  Spend a day in the mountains?  Go to Albuquerque?  Stay at home and work in the yard?  We haven’t decided, but one thing I am sure we are going to do is eat.  And since we’ll be eating, I would like to eat something I don’t get to eat all the time – preferably made and served by somebody other than me or Mrs. Takacs.  If we stay here, then our options are limited.  I recently discovered a jewel in the desert; however, and plan to introduce my family to this hidden gem.

I am speaking of the Carlsbad KOA.  You’re probably thinking, why would you go stay at a KOA 20 miles form your home?  While the park is beautiful with wonderful amenities (and for sale!), but I’m not going to stay there.  I’m going to take my family to eat there.  Now, you’re probably thinking that I must be suffering the effects of a long hot summer, but I am here to tell you that Scott Bacher, owner and rib-master at KOA’s restaurant, makes and serves some of the best BBQ I have ever had.  Scott and his wife Susan, don’t really advertise their restaurant, mainly because the park stays fairly full and that keeps the food-service part pretty busy.  Understandably, most folks don’t know that there is a wonderful restaurant halfway between Artesia and Carlsbad serving great BBQ with a smile.  But I know and I am telling.

Scott treated me to his ribs, brisket, and pulled pork recently while touring the facility.  I am working with some out of town investors who are potential buyers of the park, and I needed to know all the ins and outs of the park, its facilities and machinations to be able to present it to my customers.  **Small side-bar; If you are thinking of an investment in hard assets that produces very generous income immediately, you need to contact me about this property.**  Back to food; It is AWESOME! The atmosphere is very casual and friendly.  While you’re eating dinner, you can interact with people from all over the country, and from various walks of life.  Scott and Susan’s staff, made up mostly of “KOA Kampers” who have RV’s and travel around staying at KOA’s and working for a while, are friendly and enthusiastic.  Just about everyone you meet is on some sort of adventure, which makes for interesting conversations.

It had rained the day I toured the park and ate Scott’s amazing BBQ, and we strolled around the grounds to get the lay of the land.  It was a beautiful setting with the lake in the distance and smell of rain in the air at dusk.  I can’t imagine a nicer place to work and live, and I was envious.  Scott and Susan hope to sell the park, buy another in New Engalnd, whence they came, and get back to family.  I personally will miss the BBQ, but I’d like to help them achieve their dream.  This is my official recommendation: Make the drive.  Eat and visit, while Scott is still cooking.  You won’t be sorry.

All Real Estate. All The Time.


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