Autumn Rising

Fall is in the air and I love it. I wish we had more autumn in our autumn, but I’ll take it over 107 every day. The crispness in mornings and the cool evenings are the best. I can honestly say I am a cool weather fan. It would be fine with me if it were perpetually 70 degrees with a slight chill in the breeze. I love it. Along with the cooler temps, there is October baseball happening and that’s another reason I love this time of year. Although my team decided not to participate in the postseason, I still love the atmosphere and drama of MLB playoffs. I can still enjoy the games even if I don’t have a dog in the fight. Everything just feels more American in the fall. Baseball, leaves turning, cool weather – it all conspires to infuse life with feelings of nostalgia and a longing for another place and time.

Something as American as baseball, apple pie, piles of leaves, and family is a home. Americans own homes in greater numbers and at a much higher percentage that almost anywhere in the developed world. Our country was created because people came looking for a place they could own and call home. That spirit of yearning to own property, no matter the size or style, is still present in our collective psyche today. We all hope to own a home, some land, or perhaps a farm or ranch, and be able to call it ours. Its what we teach our children – to work hard, be wise with money, and buy into the American dream.


That dream is in trouble today. Home ownership is consolidating upward, like our farming and livestock industries, in large investors and companies. With the downturn in the economy and housing market, many Americans have been unable to keep their homes. Foreclosures have increased every year for the past 3 and there doesn’t seems to be any signs of a reversal. With so many cheap homes on the market, and mortgage lenders tightening to point of choking out huge chunks of working families, investors and corporations are snapping them up en masse.

Congress is threatening to make the problem worse with legislation being considered that would further price middle-class borrowers out of the game. We are quickly heading toward an America where only the rich can buy and own property, and the rest of us become tenants. It has to stop. The disconnect in state houses and Washington with the reality of how the economy and recovery need housing is inexplicable. They need to hear our voices and know we can’t afford more barriers between decent, hard working, trustworthy folks and the American dream. Let them hear you. It benefits us all to get housing moving again.

All Real Estate. All The Time


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