Picture This

I really want to be a good photographer. I have always imagined myself capturing the very best moment in any event. I see the pictures I want to take in my mind. In theory, I capture the perfect light, the perfect confluence of movement, the truest emotion in every picture I snap. The execution is what fails me. I have neither the knowledge, the training, nor the equipment to do justice to the groundbreaking photos in my head. But I am stepping up my game.

Photography is a strange art. I have met people with enough training and experience to fill 3 lifetimes with pictures. I have met some with the very best equipment. Still some of these same photogs just don’t seem to have that certain “eye” to capture the feel or energy of a moment. On the other side of the coin, I have met some peeps that with a point and shoot camera capture pics that I was certain were taken with all the latest lenses and filters. It is very much akin to the painter who can seemingly create light and warmth and can give life to a scene that was not there previously. In some ways, I think photography is the more difficult endeavor. God either gave you the gift to paint or draw or He didn’t. Taking pictures can be learned, but the elusive “eye” for the right moment is often a mixture of the gift and the learning. Some, like me, have just enough knowledge to be dangerous and it remains to be seen if there is some gift lurking just beneath the surface.

I have been rat-holing little bits of extra cash for a while now, hoping to save enough for the camera rig that will unleash my inner Ansel Adams. I finally got the scratch together and took the plunge. Parts have been coming in all week and hopefully today I will get home to the package on the doorstep containing the body. I am anxious to begin reading manuals and trying out the goods in real life for a change. For you photo-philes out there, here’s the 411 on my setup. Sony A33 body with 18-55mm kit lens. Sony 75-300mm F4.5-5.6 telephoto and Sony 50mm F1.8 portrait lenses. My budget didn’t allow for a hot-shoe flash or the myriad other accessories possible. It’s isn’t the best money can buy, but it was the best my money could buy right now. If I discover I am the next great American photographer, then I can upgrade along the way.

I love pictures. They can reveal so much or they can disappoint greatly in their lack of revelation. Real Estate pictures so often fall into the latter category. When I see most pictures of properties, I generally get the feeling that the picture taker was living by the mantra “just the facts.” I am throwing myself under the bus on this too. My listing photos are often lifeless, stale, and rigid fact sheets. They often give nothing in terms of the feel and energy of the space or location. I want to fix this and I am going to try to learn as much as possible to give life to my pictures. This is all part of becoming a better Realtor. And giving each home the quality exposure they deserve.

So join me on this journey. I welcome your advice, instruction, and criticism if offered gently. I will keep you apprised of my triumphs and tragedies.

All Real Estate. All the Time.


One response to “Picture This

  1. Scott – I want to let you know how much I enjoy (and look forward to) your posts. I am amazed by the wit, intelligence, and insight you offer, and hold onto the hope that you have a secret novel in the works. How else will the Takacs name get onto a book jacket? Keep on truckin’ – and keep on writing. Love – Dad

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