Riches in Real Estate

Real Estate is frustrating sometimes. In a down market, it’s hard to sell houses. Your listing customers believe,and want you to act like, they are your only customer. Your buyers believe that every house on the market is open 24 hours a day waiting for you to take them by. They both believe you should be the Henry Kissinger of Real Estate and bend the other parties to your will, getting unimaginable concessions from the other side. Both sellers and buyers believe that you are a robot and need 15 minutes of sleep per night in order to slavishly work on their unique and pressing problems. Still, it’s the best gig I’ve every had and I should have changed careers long ago. I’m thankful, so thankful, for the opportunity to be my own boss, and to serve a great community like Artesia. So many things are right in Real Estate, I almost forget about the things that are wrong.

Next week families will gather all over the country to give thanks, or at least they should. America has taken a few hits recently. Our once invincible economy has shown signs of deep fractures and fissures that many of us were surprised to see. Our standing in the world has diminished, and we face new and growing threats to our way of life. In my own life, when things are going wrong, nearly all of the time I can blame the fellow in the mirror. It’s no different with our country’ malaise. We made this bed and now we’re lying in it, but we can get up and make a new bed if we choose. Still, look around the world – we have it so good comparatively.

My daughter asked me recently how much money would it take to be “rich.” I said it depends on who you ask. She pushed more with how much would we need to be rich? I said we ARE rich and we don’t need anything. The truth is, if you are reading this, you are rich. You have a computer, an iPad, or a smartphone with which you are able to visit my blog and read my ramblings. Those are the luxury appurtenances only the rich can afford. When you consider that over 2 Billion souls live on less than $2 a day, the last thing they would list as a necessity would be whatever you are using to read this. We are blessed beyond comprehension and we ought to give thanks.

Gather with your family. Eat gluttonously. Watch football and parades. Hold those whom you love. In the midst of it all, thank Him from whom all blessings flow and remember. Remember those who are far away defending your right to turkey and stuffing. Remember those who are eating their meal at a rescue mission and wondering if their families remember them. Remember those around the world to whom it’s just another day of surviving. Remember you are rich.

All Real Estate. All the Time.


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