Christmas and the Grateful Heart

Christmas Eve, eve. I like today. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and it will be a little frantic with last minute trips to Walmart, or as I affectionately call it – “The Pit of Despair.” There will be cooking and gift wrapping and then Church, and it will feel a little like a foot race until we can go to bed. But today, the day before Christmas Eve, it feels like the holidays are really here. That feeling is enhanced greatly by the few inches of snow we woke up to and the steady pace of the white stuff falling from the sky. I can’t remember the last time we had a white Christmas, but we’re getting one now. So today I’m writing a blog and only working a few hours. Then I’m going to spend time with my family and build a fire, and cook some posole. Yep. Today is pretty great.

In fact 2011 has been pretty great for the Takacses. Mrs. Takacs moved into a new position as Principal of Yucca Elementary and, of course, she’s a natural. My children are beautiful, healthy and smart as whips (They get that from me). My career change to Real Estate has turned out to be a wise decision – one I should have made years ago. All in all, I am blessed beyond measure and I am certain I don’t deserve the life I have.

One of my goals is to live life gratefully. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a life of comfort and peace and health and joy is a gift, not a by-product of my guile or intelligence. Those may be contributing factors, but mostly what I have is unmerited favor and I am thankful for every bit of it. I read recently that grateful people have demonstrably better health indicators such as blood pressure, headaches, cancer occurrences, etc. So if there is a correlation between being grateful and being healthy, then sign me up for both.

It’s hard to be grateful at times. Things aren’t always good, and there is real pain and suffering in this life. It’s a challenge to be grateful for the storm when it’s raging around you, but I have actually found it therapeutic to force myself to give thanks when things are bad or stressful. It is calming and helps me to focus to think of all the the things that I take for granted. Things like a warm house when it’s cold, a dry bed when it’s raining, food in the pantry and water that comes magically out of a tap. These are things that I know are not commonplace for many of the world’s citizens.

So Merry Christmas from me. Be grateful for what you have. I am grateful for the opportunity to write this blog, and to practice Real Estate and to live in our great country. I am grateful for you.

All Real Estate. All the Time.

Ray Ave in Winter

View out my front door this morning.


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